# Look up NFTS

# Get NFTs

You can use this API to query for all NFTs.

# Endpoint

GET /nfts

# Query Parameters

Name Type Description Required
offset integer offset N rows (default 0)
limit integer max rows to return (default 10000)
sortBy string id,priceSatoshis,priceUpdatedTs,depositTs,withdrawTs,purchaseTs,ts
sortDir string asc,desc
tokenId string tokens id
groupTokenId string tokens groupid
userId integer sellers users id
username string sellers username
nftId integer id of nft
depositTxidUnset boolean not deposited
withdrawTxidUnset boolean not withdrawn
purchaseTxidUnset boolean not purchased
priceSatoshisUnset boolean not available to buy
depositTxidSet boolean deposited
withdrawTxidSet boolean withdrawn
purchaseTxidSet boolean purchased
priceSatoshisSet boolean available to buy
hideNSFW boolean hide all nsfw tagged
onlyNSFW boolean show only nsfw tagged
depositTsAfter integer unix timestamp
depositTsBefore integer unix timestamp
withdrawTsAfter integer unix timestamp
withdrawTsBefore integer unix timestamp
purchaseTsAfter integer unix timestamp
purchaseTsBefore integer unix timestamp

# Response

Status: 200

      "username": "large-blue-monkey",
      "tokenName":"Aya Royama",
      "nsfw": false
curl https://www.juungle.net/api/v1/nfts?userId=4123&depositTxidSet=true&purchaseTxidUnset=true